Mutual Fund Investments in Traverse City, MI

It is never too soon to begin planning for your retirement. A solid financial strategy for your future can begin now, with the experts at Vickery Financial. Our team of independent investment brokerage advisors can help you begin to plan for your retirement.

When you know where you stand financially, you have a better idea of what you need to plan for a stable and flexible financial future. When you have an experienced investor from Vickery on your side, you will know all the investments that are available to you and have assistance with setting up an investment portfolio that will endure.

Mutual Funds & Diversity

Mutual funds are comprised of stocks, bonds and other securities combined for investing. Our investment brokerage firm purchases into a mutual fund or grouping of funds on the request of an investor. Purchasing shares in a mutual fund can provide a diverse and substantial portfolio.

The diversifications that are inherent in mutual funds are used to manage risk with investments. A mutual fund holds a grouping of securities, so losses and fluctuations in the market are spread over a mass of securities. Options for investing and mutual funds do not guarantee profit or protection from investment loss. However, a solid, well thought out investment portfolio may include mutual funds.

Financial Planning for Today

At Vickery Financial, our method is a personal approach to investing. With over 30 years of experience in financial planning, wealth management and insurance, we can navigate you through investment options. We help you build a portfolio that establishes a solid retirement plan when you want it. We know how to look at the big picture for the small person.

To learn about our services and schedule an appointment with a broker please call 231-775-4244. Put us to work for you.